Asset Building Network, Inc.

Grant and Per Diem Transition-in-Place (TIP) Program Criteria

Program Description:

Asset Building Network (ABN) is a Transition-in-Place (TIP) Grant and Per Diem program located at 12211 Fondren Road (Airport Landing Apartments) in Southwest Houston. At Airport Landing Apartments, homeless veterans receive Grant and Per Diem services and remain permanently housed at the site after successful completion and discharge from ABN Grant and Per Diem TIP services.

ABN TIP program is a 6-12 month 25 bed residential support program in which homeless veterans receive intensive case management, group therapy, and housing stability. Program participants remain permanently housed in their apartment units, sign the leasing agreement, and pay rent and utilities after successful completion of the Grant and Per Diem TIP program.

Eligibility Criteria:

Homeless male or female veterans with a documented DSM IV Axis I diagnosis of mental disabilities with the ability to function independently in a one bedroom apartment (e.g. Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Substance Use Disorder, Schizophrenia or Psychotic Disorder).

There are no income requirements; however, program participants without income are required to obtain income by seeking and obtaining permanent employment and/or applying for VA or Non-VA financial benefits to assist with self-sufficiency.

Homeless veterans must meet the program’s Level 3 or Level 4 program criteria. Level 3 program participants suffer from mental illness but are not at imminent risk of harming themselves or others. They have stable psychiatric symptoms but need support to avoid exacerbation of their illness. Level 3 participants need ongoing access to mental health services and supports to live independently successfully. When provided with the right level of support and access to care, Level 3 persons can be expected to increase their independence and live independently with limited supervision. Level 4 program participants have psychiatric symptoms that have been stabilized for a sustained period and can manage most of their daily living skills.
When provided with community supports, Level 4 persons can be expected to be totally independent but need natural community supports and services to maintain their level of independence.

Referral Process:

Homeless veterans interested in Asset Building Network’s Transition in Place Grant and Per Diem program must be screened at the McGovern Drop in Center to determine eligibility for program participation.

After the determination of eligibility, eligible veterans will be assisted by Drop In Center staff in assembling a packet that includes the following: 1) TB test results (test results must be a negative PPD skin test or chest x-ray within the past year; 2) Identification (Texas ID, VA card, SS card, DD-214, or letter of services); 3) Proof of Income if applicable; 4) Verification of homelessness from an organization/agency that provides services/housing to homeless individuals (e.g. SEARCH, The Beacon, halfway house, or shelter).

After the required packet is assembled, veterans are then referred to the Grant and Per Diem site for final screening and placement in the Grant and Per Diem TIP Program.

If you have any further questions regarding Asset Building Network’s Grant and Per Diem TIP program please contact Asset Building Network, Inc. staff at (713) 776-3925.